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i have this problem with my ati radeon hd 5870.

when i start up my computer, i see all these green lines, and dots all over the screen(this happens 30 seconds after launch), and after a minute it just go black screen.

i returned it to where i buyed it, but there it worked fine, so i got it back. i tried it in a friends computer, and it worked fine, so it has to be my computer :( .

i tried download the latest drivers, and a ATI hotfix, that should fix it, but it didn´t.

i switched to my old gfx card, and it worked fine. i pulled out one ram block at a time, but that didn´t work.

now i think it can has something to do with my motherboard, witch is this one:

i should say that it worked fine for about 2 weeks, and then this happend.

i use windows 7 64-bit

if i missed some details pls wirte.

SORRY for my bad english :ange:
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  1. RMA it mate, the 5 series cards are getting a bit notorious for this issue.
  2. but as i said they wont take it back cause it is only on my computer it doesn´t work
  3. Your "old graphics card", is the integrated or an card you put in the PCI Express x16 slot?
  4. Then take your computor to the shop where you bought it and see if they can make it work in your machine.
  5. my old is another card i put into my PCI
  6. 2p12p1 said:
    my old is another card i put into my PCI

    You sure you are using the PCI Express x16 slot for the new card? ( this might be a dumb question:D )

    Although PCI Express 2.0 IS compatible to PCI Express 1.0, it was making problems with some old mobos.
    Try to update your BIOS
  7. How big is your power supply? it may be failing.
  8. The 5870 is a big card. Are you sure it is properly seated in the PCI-E slot? Also, what kind of PSU are you using?
  9. i use a 850W power supply, and yes it fit fine in the PCI slot. :)
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