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hey i was wondering, why does the fan on the side of my CPU doesnt work? i just noticed that recently. and thats the only fan of my cpu. i dont really know where it was connected (coz im not the one who assembled this one.) but i think it was for the hard drive, is it possible?

man, i just noticed that problem when i was playing a game (Prototype) and it crashes whenever i start playin it like after loading the save file, it crashes a few seconds later. so i checked my video card ( Nvdia GeForce 9500GT) i dont know how i can see its temperature from a sort of a hardware properties window so i opened my case, and touched it. i dont know, but yeah, its hot so i thought that was the problem. so i let my comp rest for like 2 hours and the game works fine again.

now, i'm plannin on buying a fan for the rear case, which one is better? coz ive read that on a comment on youtube that there are fans for air intake and for the other way around. so, uhm which one is better for cooling?

thanks for the help!:)

btw, sorry for my bad english.
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  1. oh i see, so should i just buy two fans and flip the other one for exhaust? or there's really a fan for exhaust and intake?
  2. Fans are fans - just pay attention to the direction in which it blows air. And just as Simonetti stated, Front, Side, and Bottom fans are INTAKE fans; and Top, and Rear are EXHAUST fans.

    Reading about "Fan Headers" on your motherboard will help. So will reading about your computer case and fans.
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