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Hello. I managed to OC my 3770k to 4.6 ghz at 1.330 vcore. Is it safe to constantly run the cpu at fixed 1.330 volts. I want the cpu to last for a good while. Temps dont go over 75 under an h100i cooler using intel burn in test. Any advice would be appreciated.
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  1. Hi,

    Your current temps and voltage are ok, I usually recommend a max safe temp of 75C and a max safe voltage of 1.35V.
  2. So its okay to constantly run the cpu at 1.350 even not under load 24/7??? sorry for the noob question. I tryied using ofset voltages but it auto the voltage to 1.370+ i see it spike up to 1.5 even monitoring with aida 64. but if i lock it at 1.330 it stays at 1.330 stable. thanks
  3. Yep <1.35V will be fine for 24/7 use (idle or load).
  4. Will that dramaticly kill the cpu life or will the 1.35 last for a while. thanks alot. This is my first rig.
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    It should last a long time, I would make an educated guess (based on what other people have reported to be safe and unsafe and the rate of degradation) of at least 3 years before you may have to start upping the voltage or lowering the overclock to re-gain stability.
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