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i have a mini-ITX build with an Intel Atom 330, 2GB RAM and Intel 82945G Express integrated GPU. the computer is connected to a 21.5" HP touchscreen monitor at 1920x1980. when i try to run Windows Media Center the thing lags like a mofo and is completely unusable. Aero effects lag slightly too. i would assume its the crappy GPU and buy a new one but i have a similar Intel GPU in my netbook that gives me no troubles with Aero or Media Center. then again its only running at 1024x600. i just want to make sure this is because of the crappy GPU and not a software fix before i go spend $50 on a Nvidia card. should the 82945G be able to run Media Center or am i kidding myself? thanks in advance.
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    Unfortunately yes, I have a G965 on my Dell. When I ran Media Center it performed smoothly on my 1680x1050 monitor, but HD 1920x1080 is a little bit of a stretch. Only modern Intel gpus can handle that resolution and play blu-ray smoothly. Can I suggest you try and find a ATI Radeon HD 5450 instead, it's around the same price point and has Eyefinity, a smaller die, and is more energy efficient but still performs.
  2. thanks that info. i would get an HD 5450 (i much prefer AMD and ATi to Intel and Nvidia. have 2 HD 4870s in my desktop and i love it) but since this is a mini-ITX build it is a pretty limited motherboard. integrated Atom 330, one RAM slot, one PCI slot. no AGP or PCI-e which sucks now that i need a new graphics card. the best ATi PCI card i could find was an HIS HD 4350 but i have read a lot of reviews that say there are issues with the drivers since ATi does not technically support graphics acceleration over PCI. that card was $75 which is a little steep. so right now i am looking at a PNY GeForce 8400 for $50. the computer does nothing but music anyway so Media Center is as graphics heavy as it will get. but if you know of or come across a comparable PCI ATi card that works just as well let me know! thanks again.
  3. Sorry, got nothing, How did you get an ITX build anyway? The Atom is a little small to run anything above what you're asking for anyway.
  4. just ordered an Intel ITX mobo with the integrated CPU and GPU off Newegg for $80. got a nice little Rosewill case with PSU for another $40. threw in an extra 2GB stick of RAM, 320GB HDD, DVD burner and wifi adapter i had laying around. nice little music and web machine for not much money. this project was a birthday gift for my dad. its his jukebox basically. having it hooked up to a touchsceen monitor and his sweet Bose stereo is pretty awesome. now i just need to get Media Center to work right.

    i must say Windows 7 with a multitouch monitor is really friggin cool.
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  6. Nice, hope the GPU serves you for a long time.
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