Could this problem be Ethernet port on the motherboard

i am running a asus M4A78LT-M LE Socket AM3 AMD 780L mATX motherboard (only had it 3 weeks) linksys wireless router with wifes pc and mine both hardwired to the router.

problem is that my internet connection once to 3-times a day keeps going off for no reason and the wifes internet is ok and stops on been like this for last week or so ,only time i can get back on his by rebooting my pc now i changed the Ethernet cables about 2-3 times and it still happens for some reason my internet don't work but the wifes does , i powered off the modem and the router few times and still the same reset router as well a few times and still knocks off 1-3 times a day.

now could this be a the Ethernet port on the motherboard where my cable goes to back of pc this is only thing i can think of that its not working right .

or is it something else appreciated any answers ty .
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  1. If you have a Static IP within the DHCP range then you can easily have this problem.

    Q - Is anything static IP {Network Printer, Phone, etc}?

    If yes then refer to the following example:
  2. no i am with comcast and i think thats dynamic IP address

    and no i got nothing else on the router only 2 hard wire pcs mine and the wifes

    since did this post it had done it agion today had to reboot pc :(
  3. The rule-out a corrupt NIC registry; open the Device Manager expand the [+] Network adapters, right-click and select Uninstall then reboot. If that fails go to ASUS's website and D/L the most up to date NIC drive and reinstall.
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