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I have decided upon asus rampage 2 ext and i7 980 the problem is that asus site says that it requires latest bios to run the next gen cpu so can i install the cpu and install the given driver then update it and will a 1500va /900w ups sufice for a crossfire rig
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  1. I looked into your problem and as far as I can tell the chip will work in that motherboard. However Asus has not (as of this writing) released an updated bios that will take full advantage of the 980. You may want to hold off till they do.

    I can't help with your UPS problem as I don't have much experience with those
  2. Asus had released the update bios it is asus website it says that the mob requires latest bios ,so iam confused that if i use a new cpu i.E intel i7 980 but will it work without latest bios on first run also on ups i will be using 2xhd5870 ,2x1Tb wd hdd ,1xintel 80gb ssd,8x 120mm fan ,1xdvd wrt ,i7 980,mob,12gb/24gb ram with the psu corsair hx850 and will use a Dell u2711 & logitech x-540 with cyberpower 1500va/900w ups will it sufice 4 my rig and what will be my backtime
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    One thing about the new BIOS, if the BIOS is new, you will still find lots of mobos with old BIOS running around on the market perhaps most of them. This means, you might most likely upgrading the BIOS on you own, which could endangered the warranty, or the dealer will upgrade it for you, if they offer such service.
    Ask the dealer, where you buy it, to upgrade it for you or wait for a little while untill most of them are flashed with the new BIOS.
    P.S. Your mobo won't recognize your proc either correctly or won't recognize it at all, if it is not on the compatibilty list or if it needs a BIOS upgrade to run it. You can still do first run if the proc is wrongly recognize, but not at all if it is not recognized at all.
    That is as far as I know, I could be wrong.

    Your UPS seems to be enough. UPS can only back up your system (back up time) usually according as written in it's technical specs. Most UPSs (under full load) with standard configuration have about 15-30 mins of back up time if they are fully charged. You can add the back up time by adding extra batteries (usually sold separately), but who needs more than 10-15mins, it should be enough to shutdown your system or to keep it on without any interuption during switching time to the generator when black out happends?
    And...for cyberpower, I think, you can order your wished back up time, but remember longer time means more expensive.
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