Help 1 laptop will connect to my network but 1 wont?

hello all. a little ways back i set up a home wireless network for my brother at his home using his dell 1545 laptop and a dynex dx-nruter router. i have not heard a peep out of him... until this morning. i guess his girlfriends son brought over his hp mini 110 notebook and tried to connect but it will not let him. my brother swears up and down he is entering the right security password but it just wont let him connect. i'm not much of a network trouble shooter so thats why i am on here. i am about to go to his house in a little bit to try to figure it out but i wanted some suggestions first from the pros. i have a couple of my own as in maybe the hp 110 has a different security type as in i think i set it to wpa for my brother and the hp 110 only does wep. i was thinkin that there might be a setting in the settings on the router where i can change from straight 802.11 n to 802.11b 802.11 g and 802.11 n all so it can read the hp 110 as it has a wireless-g in it and my brothers dell has an n card in it thats probaly why there were no problems with his. any suggestions of to what you guys might do? change wpa to wep switch setting from n only to a/b/g/n to read everything? where is that setting anyway? maybe the hp 110 needs a driver update to. thanks guys for all your help
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  1. You've covered most of the options. But try these:

    Check that wireless is turned on in the new notebook.

    Try turning off wireless security temporarily -- that will help isolate one problem area .

    Check that the router doesn't have Access List enabled (that's admit or deny users by MAC ID).
  2. try to uninstall the wireless at the device manager and scan hardware it again to install automatically the driver.
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