Motherboard Need Help MSI 890gxm-g65

Attached the psu Antec tp650 24 pin 4 atx pin fans via molex and nothing happended. Took the psu out of the case and did the jump start with the paper clip and the psu fan came on. Also powered the two case fans and the dvd drive

Reattached the power cable the atx and still nothing.

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  1. Have you tried it with the motherboard outside of the case?

    If it works outside of the case then you got some electrical short happening when the motherboard is screwed down to the standoffs. Look for any extra standoffs or any standoffs not located directly under a mounting hole on the motherboard.
  2. Will give that a try.
  3. Reattached all outside of case and it was a no go.
  4. Are there any LEDs lit on the motherboard to indicate that the motherboard is at least receiving +5 Volts standby? If there isn't, I would suspect you have a dead motherboard.
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