My dvi to vga graphics problem

I will tommorow buy a sapphire hd 5670 graphics card...I have a 8 years old moniter... So i need a dvi to vga adapter to run it...So will it work if i use it or i have to buy a new moniter for it...Plz help guyz..!.
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  1. Buy the adapter if you want to keep the monitor, their shouldn't be a problem with it. Check if your monitor has a DVI port though.
  2. I would personally buy a new monitor. I mean, to be perfectly honest, an 8 year old monitor without a dvi input isn't going to have great resolution. A dvi to vga adapter would work, but that kind of defeats the purpose of getting a new graphics card.
    ..In my opinion anyways.
  3. Thanx
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