Your opinions on either of these 32"s for PC monitor

Hey, Currently running a samsung 204b 20.1" monitor on a gaming/multimedia rig in my room. Want to go big with my next monitor so I can watch movies, tv, Gaming, surf the internet. was looking at couple monitors in the 27" and 28" range but no tv tuners built in. Though Samsung just came out with the P2770HD monitor with tv tuner but it got really bad reviews as a tv and as a monitor and its $475!! same price as a 32", so im lookin at some 32" 1080p HDTV's to hook up via a DVI to HDMI cable. neweggs got a great deal on a lg 32lh40 which is a Super IPS panel which ive read is the best LCD panel made, heavily discounted for only $469.00 shipped!!! Definitely will sell out!!, or I was looking at a brand new model of the Sony bravia line KDL32EX400 which has a cool Picture in Picture feature that you can have you pc desktop on main screen and small PIP of TV or cable, I found this model for $499.00 shipped. Looked at Both online manuals and they both accept DVI to HDMI PC input @ 1920x1080 res, dont know what kind of panel the Sony is but Im just trying to figure out which one would be best for Mainly being used as PC monitor??, and would movies from my computer look just as good played though pc mode as if I were to burn them and play on external DVD or BlueRay??

Here's a link of some side by side comparison from

Any imput would be Great!!! thanks Guys!!
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    How far away are you gonna sit from it ? If 18 - 36 inches, the image will be vary grainy and blurry. Picture sharpess is all about pixel pitch and anything below 96 or so means you can see individual pixels when sitting at standard desk distances. The 32" screen will give you a pixel pitch of about 69.

    To view this size screen, you'll wanna be between 4 and 8 feet away from it.
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