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  1. Hello check whether LAN connection is disabled in control panel
  2. are the drivers properly installed?
    right-click on my computer, click manage, then device manager, and chekc if its under the network category...
  3. Are you asking a rhetorical question or was the subject line the actual question without any body content?

    Do you see the lan-port lighting up?

    Is the router or dsl/cable/fios modem plugged in?

    Do you actually have an internet service?
  4. I once caused myself (embarassing) trouble by re-installing Windows. All of a sudden I had no internet connection. It turned out the problem was simply that I had forgotten to install into windows the drivers for my mobo that came with it on the CD. Remember, the motherboard itself contains many devices (like LAN ports) that require drivers installed in Windows so they can be used. So take shovenose's advice - check if your LAN port driver is installed.
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