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i am looking forward to getting a custom watercooling setup in the next month or so but i dont know where to start with buying the supplies for it. i dont want a all in one setup just for the cpu i want a waterblock for my gpu as well and maybe a resevoir that would go into a 5.25"bay i have a raidmax viper case.I am just looking as to where i could buy the stuff to do this. i want to route my own tubes n such. hopefully somebody can help me as to where to buy this stuff i live in the U.S. and also anything i would need to know prior to setting this up would be helpfull aswell like tips on it and precautions.
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  1. First point of call is the watercooling sticky at the top of the section, this will give you some ground knowledge to start from, things like what style of res and where it all fits comes a little later, first you need to work out a thing or two
    We'll be here to answer questions as they come up though :-)
  2. i meant to say liquid cooling but where would i start on this though. as too what all i need to know. and sorry didnt take a look at the sticky.
  3. Yep, first place to start is with the Sticky. That will explain all the core concepts and the common maths behind water-cooling. If you still have questions after reading through it, don't hesitate to ask.
  4. i read the sticky it was pretty helpfull it explained pretty much all of it.
  5. Good job :)
    Anything you are unsure on at all?
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