OCZ Agility 3 Series 120GB - good SSD?

Hi guys!

I have read about the OCZ SSD Agility 3 Series 2.5" 120GB in the SSD benchs tom's hardware, and it says that this SSD only gives 3.5x better performance then 2 TB Barracuda XT? I have not owned a Barracuda XT but I know that this is a HDD, so if I buy this SSD disk, won't I see huge improvements when it comes to speed and snappier? I'm on a Samsung 7200rpm atm.

And is this a good SSD? It's on sale in my country (6% WOOOW :pfff:)
Do someone got one and can recommend it? I know that Crucial M4 is better but it cost about $50 more in my country.

Thanks in advance!
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  1. i have the 60 and 90 gb models of this line and like them both very much. just make sure when you get the unit that you pop it in and make sure the firmware is updated before you install the OS to it.
  2. Yeah I have the 120g agility 3, it's a very fast I but did get a few blue screens and it went missing in the bios, had to take out the sata cable and put it back in to get it working again.

    Never updated the firmware on it though so maybe that would stop it doing that.

    I also have two samsung spinpoints 1tb in raid and the agility 3 is so much faster at booting up, opening programs and reading and writing data
  3. I have a 240GB Agility 3 and love it, and a 60GB Solid3 in my wife's PC and she loves that. These are great home use drives, but if you are doing more 'professional' or 'system critical' workloads then I would suggest moving up to Intel or an M4 drive as they are more reliable for such uses.

    SSD will blow away any HDD or RAID array without question, and that is a lot of why they cost so much. Keep your current HDD as storage for documents/music/video/system backups/etc. as 128GB can fill up quickly.
  4. Have 2 128 gig Agility III's.
    1) I think the Bugs that plagged the drive have been worked out.
    2) It's really a SATA II drive in a Sata III wrapper, Effectively any ways. Perofrmance on SATA II port is the same as on a SATA III port in Real life usage. There was a review that sated this and I verified with mine (ON a i5-2500k OCed to 4.2) using AS SSD. Only ATTO will show a diff with Sequencial read / writes, BUT that uses Data that is readily compressable NOT rel life, and Sequencial performance has LITTLE bearing on an OS + Program SSD performance. STILL the Agillity III is WAY faster than a Mechanical HDD
    3) I only recommend this drive if it is the best you can afford - Good in terms of cost vs performance, emphase on Cost. Myself I would never Buy again.

    4) Performance comparision using AS SSD:
    Agillity III - Overall score around 400-> 450
    Curcial M4 - Overall score around mid 700's
    I also Have 2 x 128 gig Curcial M4's and a 128 gig Samsung 830

    Bottom line. In My oppinion the M4 is worth it (IF you can afford it). M4 has a higher reliabily rating with lower user problems. Couple that with the performace.... But You will injoy the agillity if that is what you get.
  5. Thanks for answers!

    Okay, but I looked over at the OCZ forum and it is many threads containing "error", "problem" and so on xD The last thing I want is problems, even though you guys seems happy with it.

    I just found a cheaper Crucial m4 on another website going for
    It's a: Crucial m4 128GB SSD R:415/W:175 2.5" SATA-3 and it cost $174. (link, NB Norwegian, use google translate to translate it: http://alturl.com/xrkjc)
    About $30 more then the OCZ 120GB.

    Will this be the best choice?
  6. The m4 is by far better than the Agility III!!!!!
    You may Have missed, I said " I would never again buy a Agiliity III" and really only recommend (read inbetween my lines LOL) if That is all you can afford

    I reference th the Majority of Problems with the agility III, ther were based on Pre firmware 2.13. Firmware .2 -> 9 were absolute disasters for many.
  7. i like the mushkin enhanced chronos 120 gb
  8. Thanks for reply, but guys please check the link in my post above. Is that Crucial m4 SSD an older version? Looked at another Crucial m4 that was not the same.

    EDIT: Never mind. Was the same xD
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