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I have taken an old Compaq computer case that had an ATX board in it, installed a much newer micro ATX board, 430 watt PSU, in it since it had the capability for a 775 CPU, everything is up and running question, this board has provision for PCI Express x16 graphics cards, which would be a nice addition, looking at the slot on the board in the case and the PCI knockouts on the back of the case, it appears to have a slight offset, it looks like the slot is slightly higher than the knockout, has anyone run into this ? I don't want to go purchase an expensive dual DVI card only to find that I may have case issue...

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  1. Do you mean to say low-profile?
    Otherwise, the slot and the PCI-E slot don't exactly line up.
  2. No, it's not a low profile issue, you know how most regular PCI slots seem to "center" up with the plate or knockout, this PCIe x16 slot looks slightly higher than the topmost knockout I have...
  3. Maybe the card isn't meant for PCIe, instead maybe it's AGP because those slots tend be just under the PCIe slots...or you have to flip your graphics card upside down (notice it should have connectors on both sides of the card when it's laying down flat, face up or down).
  4. The board is an OEM Compaq from a repair I did for someone last summer, it doesn't have AGP slots, but it does state the it has the PCIex16, the Nikon was close by, see if this shows it better..
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