Veetle Upload Issue


i7 4.0ghz, 12gb ram.

No Anti-Virus/Network Speed Throttling. Clean install of Windows 7.


I am trying to upload at 1000-1500 kbps. This shouldn't be any problem with my connection and I know my CPU isn't holding anything back.

I can't seem to be able to upload faster 300 kbps. If I set the stream to upload it will Stay at Upload is Fast for a few seconds at 600 kbps, then it freezes/"Upload Has Slowed" for 20-30 seconds, and then bounce back to Upload is Fast. Looking at the LAN Activity it looks like waves.

After trying on my Mac's on the same network. They upload at 2000 kbps at Upload Speed is Fast with no slow downs. This means it is not my internet.

Both Windows 7 (Windows 7 Ultimate installed from same disc) computers won't upload faster then 650 kbps. I am stumped, I tried changing ethernet cables, running it through the Mac's wireless, making a new Windows account. Is there something wrong with Windows 7 Ultimate that would limit the upload speed for Veetle?

Tried reinstalling Win7 with a different disc and it still has the same upload issue (capping at ~650kbps and then throttling to Upload has Slowed for 30-45 seconds, then going back to Upload is Fast for a few seconds before going back down)

Using VLC/Vlc Encoder I have no problems transcoding a 1080p file (15gb 1.5 hour movie) in real time to ~1300 kbps video using UDP or HTTP in VLC to broadcast it to another computer within the network where it looks great.

Any ideas? This is really frustrating.
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  1. Tried a copy of Windows XP 64 bit and the same thing is happening. Any ideas? Macs still work great with 2000kbps upload and no slow downs.
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