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Overclocking i5 3570

I have made a mistake and bought the non "K" version of the i5 3570.
Thou, i could OC it to 4.1 Ghz, and it's stable. I did Prime95 tests for 8 hours and over. The temps and lower the 60 deg.
The OC was made automatically by AI Suit 2, the Asus Z77-V LX2 MOBO software. The BCLK was set to 103, and multiper is 40.

For now, i feel pretty good with what i have achieved, but my question is:
Is there any possible way to 'unlock' the non "K" version? By software or physically?

And one more thing: Do i need to OC it even more? I think that it doesn't bottleneck my Gigabyte GTX 670, am i right?
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    1) No, you cannot unlock your processor to a 'K' version at all.

    2) No, your CPU will not bottleneck your graphic card.
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