Click Click Click... power supply sound?

I got an OCZ ModXstream 700W and recently I am hearing some strange sounds when I am playing over an hour. It seems to be comming from my power supply, but since my 2 graphic cards and 2 fans are the same place, I am not sure which one it could be.

If I go logically, the 2 fans and the 2 graphic cards would not make that sound. COuld it be possible that my power supply is dying? It's only 10 months old. If so, would it worth 20$ for sending it back to OCZ?
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  1. well you can try obstructing each of the othe rfans maybe with ur finger or a pencil to rules out the other fans as a problems. what are the specs of your system? so we can tell if you are overloading your psu...
  2. PII X3 720 --> X4 20
    4GB OCZ platinum PC1333
    1 Seagates Baracuda 320 GB
    1 OCZ Vertex 120GB
    2 X 4850 OC Asus TOP
    1 OMEGA Striker 7.1
    1 Blu-Ray Drive
    1 DVD drive
    OCZ ModXstream 700W
  3. Well idk.
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