Wanting to build a quiet powerhouse.

I've built 2 pcs in the last 4 years and the main problem is noise and heat output. I have the computer in a fairly small room and it is fairly loud when gaming. It's not terrible but I'd love to make it almost silent.

The other problem is heat. I'm running an I7 920 with an aftermarket cooler along with a 4870x2. I've got 5 fans on the case, 2 in 3 out. This thing is a heater. In the winter it's nice because I don't have to heat the room too much, but in the summer it's unbearable. 100+ easily when the temperature outside is in the high 80s.

So I'm probably looking at water cooling (which I've never done) and possibly some type of sound dampening.

I want to use most of the parts from my current rig which is, but I want to go with a SSD, and may upgrade to a 5970 if I can get one.

I7 920
ASUS P6T Deluxe X58 MOBO
Sapphire 4870X2
Creative X-fi Titanium 7.1 Will this get in the way of the GPU block? It's in the last PCI-E Slot
Corsair 850W PSU

Any suggestions on a good quiet water cooling ready case? Some sound dampening strategies, quiet water cooling radiators (want to cool both the cpu and GPU)? Will I need a bigger PSU?

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  1. 1. If you are serious about water cooling, get ready to drop ~$250 or so just for the CPU. Add the GPU, and you can spend ~$400 easy.

    2. Read: http://www.tomshardware.com/forum/256607-29-watercooling-read-first
    Then post back with more specific questions.

    3. There are only a few well pre-built cases for WCing, most (90%+) cases will need some type of modding done for WCing.

    4. Why the need for an SSD and GPU? Imo, the 4870X2 still has quite a bit of life left.
  2. 1. $$ isn't a big issue. I want high quality and power.

    2. I read that thread earlier. I figured "What is a quiet radiator" was a pretty specific question.

    3. Like what?

    4. Because I can afford it.
  3. 1. Ok, then.

    Generally what I recommend:
    For CPU:
    Swiftech XT, HK 3.0 or EK Supreme HF
    MCR320 with YateLoon, Scythe Slipstreme, or Gentle Typhoons.
    1/2" Tygon or Primoflex LRT tubing.

    For GPU:
    Appropriate full cover block for what ever card you plan to run.
    1/2" Tygon or Primoflex LRT tubing.

    2. It's not that specific. For example, what fans do you plan to use and what temps are you expecting (delta T above ambient)?

    3. Not many cases that are pre-built (for example, H2gO,Ascension - Duality, are good case for WCing, but it's $200+). I've WCed on an Antec 900, HAF 922 and 932, Antec 300 a bunch of Lian Li cases, all of which requited modding.

    4. Ok, good for you.
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