Corsair H100i or Kraken X60?

I seriously can't decide between these two coolers... Currently i have a Corsair H100 but i want one of these two and don't know which one to pick. I just want something with the soft tubing since i have 2 Kuhler 620's inside my Rig so that would match that nicely.

Case - Cosmos II
Processor - Intel 3770k

I'm also looking to do a push and pull config on either one. If i go with H100i i will get some SP120's. If i get the Kraken i will get NZXT FX 140LB fans. So which is better? ;_;
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  1. I would ask your decisions for and against each one specifically relating to cost, performance and other alternatives (air cooling).
  2. Well, as both are nice and all, i was wondering which one would be a better cooling solution for the processor. And of course, i'm trying to make a theme in my system too. (Like if i go with the Kraken i'll get more of those white fans and some white sleeved cables) or if i get the H100i i'll just get black sleeve cables. Since the Cosmos II tower has three 120mm slots on the top, i could get a third fan and put it on the roof toward the end where the control panel is to help with exhaust. Where the Kraken is just two big 140mm's. I know this might sound strange, but i'm just trying to give my rig more style, preformance and looks internally. :)
  3. The only thing is, my motherboard, a G1 Sniper 3, has green on it. lol. I also have two GTX 670's being cooled by Kuhler 620's thanks to Dwood's bracket. Their PCBs are being cooled off by chocolate colored 92mm fans..
  4. So this is about which closed loop cooler looks nicer, not what performs the best for the money?

    Lots of uninformed closed loop cooler folks these days...pity.
  5. Yes, which performs best would be priority. :) I was going to attempt an IHS removal but it's not worth the loss of warrenty to me so.. Like i said, either one i could make a theme out of.
  6. Unless there's something better out there that i'm not aware of.
  7. There are a lot of options better than the ones you've listed- it just depends on your expectations of both price and performance.

    You might want to check out the watercooling sticky. There is a lot of content including a section on closed loop coolers.
  8. Thank you. I'll look futher into that. :)
  9. If your after looks, then just change the H100 fans. There is no real difference between the H100 and H100i except for the fans and slightly thicker tubing
  10. Does this mean that the Kraken X60 really isn't all that good?
  11. I was actually thinking of just keeping the H100 but at the same time i was stareing down the Kraken thinking it would give me better cooling.
  12. Dont know actually, haven't really looked into the Kraken X60.
    But I don't think the Kraken (if it is better) would offer a significant enough performance boost to be worth buying over a H100.
  13. Thanks for that. :) Yeah i've been looking at alot of videos on Youtube but they're not helping.
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