Gigabyte x58a UDR3 mobo
Kingston HyperX 6 g ram 1600
i7 920 running at stock
WD Green 800gig SATA III w/ 64mb cache (just swapped in, was running a 360 gb sata II with 8 mb cache)
Corsair p55 cooler system
Sapphyre radeon 5600 series

I know Bilbat says "Even the Marvell SATA3 is no match for the venerable Intel ICH series: some benchmarks..."
Only problem is that the ICH drivers are SATA II not SATA III drivers so why would you want to SATA III HD's in SATA II SATA ports?

I checked back through the last 5 pages and didn't see a question similar so I thought I would start a new thread, by all means if there is a link to a resolution for this please educate me with the link to the resolved thread.

I'm am a pretty experience computer user but I'm at my wits end on SATA III drivers for my mobo. I can't find the Marvel 9128 drivers anywhere on the CD or on the GB website. Is there supposed to be a Marvel driver that you install and run from My devices or are you supposed to install it before loading Win 7 like with the SATA II

In the book which is supposed to give Win7 support it only describes installing in xp and vista and only for 32 bit drivers.
When I tried to install the SATA III i looked for the drivers on the cd like I did when I installed the SATA II HD I used to have and I couldn't find any Marvel DRiver for the 9128 all I could find was the stupid Marvel Console which was absolutely worthless.

I haven't seen any similar questions to this anywhere.
Can anyone help me by any chance?
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  1. Not sure what your question is lol.

    If you loaded all the drivers on the CD that came with the mobo, and connected the WD to a correct SATA 3 port on the mobo . . . exactly what problem are you haveing?
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