176% font size on windows xp - need to restore

So I have a Windows XP on my desktop and am using an Acer monitor. All I wanted to do was change the font size of texts that appeared. So I clicked on Display,Settings, Advanced and DPI and changed it to 175%. Found that it was too large and I want to go back to Normal or Large. But I can't move the Window and click on Ok and Apply as it just won't fit into the screen and I can't move it into the top of the screen enough. What do I do?
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  1. ALT + SPACEBAR, then press "M" and use the arrow keys to move the window around.


    You can alos try raising your screen resolution to force the windows to fit.
  2. Sorry, tried to do that, even tried to decrease the tool bar at the bottom. But nope, even if the darned screen moves, it stops at the top of the monitor, can't move it more and I can't see the Ok or Apply. So near yet so far. And even if tried changing the screen resolution, I still have to 'Apply' the settings for which I need to click OK and Apply. My God, am I stuck?
  3. Sorry, I guess I never got it quite so stuck that using ALT + SPACEBAR to move windows hasn't fixed it.

    I doubt it will help, but have you tried logging into another admin account or is that a system wide setting you changed?
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