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I recently put together a new PC. Everything has been going great...except my video card. I was first tipped off when I tried to play bad company and was getting awful awful fps when I read reviews that said the card played it great.

I went to device managers---->display adapters and it displayed a "Radeon 3300 Graphics Series". That is the on-board graphics from the motherboard.

I put in the CD that came with the card and it gave me an error saying there were, "No XFX products installed on this computer". Then, I installed Catalyst 10.2 manually from the ATI website.

When all that didn't work, I went into my BIOS and disabled the onboard video card. I tried 3 different monitors and 2 different HMDI cables and all I got was, "No Input Signal". That created a situation where my monitors wouldn't work without on board graphics going, but my on-board graphics couldn't get turned on because I couldn't see BIOS on my monitors. I reset my BIOS by reading through the manual and finding a process to reset my CMOS.

Now, my monitor works again but the computer is still not reading my Card. XFX provided an HDMI to DVI adapter...but when I used that and plugged it into a slot where my graphics card was located it didn't read anything. I am about to try to disable on-board again and retry the DVI, but I have no idea if it will work.

I'm pretty frustrated, can't think of what else to do. Any suggestions or ideas?

I also can't find an update for my BIOS, so if you can find one with a recent AMI update that would be great.

Thanks for all your help.
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  1. After you went into the bios and set it to pci-e rather than on board did you hit F10 and then "enter"..... that would have saved your settings. Reboot after hooking dvi cable to video card. Then, after you're at the desktop you should open the folder where you down loaded the latest driver ( from amd's site ) and did an install.... 'advanced' install so you don't install the sound driver along with the video driver.

    ( when in the bios read the bottom of the screen. It'll tell you how to save right. Also, if there is an "auto" setting for video use that. )

    Did you remember to plug power into the back of the card ?

    I also see a spot on the board for a 4pin molex connector. Plug one into it.
  2. Sounds to me like you have your display plugged into the Output from your integrated graphics rather than the video card itself. Make sure you have the connector from your display plugged into the outputs on the card itself (down below the normal outputs on the motherboard) and NOT the output on the motherboard, which will only output display from the ONBOARD graphics. This would explain why you were getting bad frame rates, and why, when you disabled the onboard graphics, you got "no input" signals.
  3. Yea the card has power, fan is on and I think something is plugged into what you described.

    Ok I'm in BIOS, I disabled the On-Board card.

    It asks for Primary Video Controller and gives 4 options:

    Which one of those do I pick?

    And after this, I'm going to plug my display into the HDMI to DVI adapter and plug that into the slots below the normal display.
  4. I never saw anything like this. I suppose I would select the third one first.

  5. Someone told me the problem might be the HDMI/DVI adapter, so I'm going to the store and seeing if it will work. be back soon.

    edit: The adapter also does not function if I try to connect it to the motherboard slot, not just the 5770 slot.
  6. First as above did you plug in the molex power connector just above the top PCIE slot? Or just above where the videocard plugs into the motherboard?
    Set video to GPP GFX0 IGFX PCI.
    Use a DVI or VGA monitor to set up the card. After you have it working then set up the tv with the HDMI cable.
    Do not use the HDMI adaptor connector. Use the red DVI connectors. The HDMI connector needs to be activated after you have installed the drivers with the card working in windows.
  7. ok ok ok, there isn't anything in the molex power connector and my graphics card says it has to be plugged into an auxiliary power source, and that molex thing is labeled "Aux Power" on my motherboard manual, and I found a molex connector in a box I put spare pieces in, so that HAS to be it.

    I am still confused on how to install it though. Just looking at this picture:
    Is exactly what my connector looks like.

    However, on my mobo, where it says aux power, there is something that looks exactly like the white plastic side of the connector...and I can't see where to put the black side of the connector into my card. Any suggestions?
  8. The connector in the picture is for an SATA HD not a video card. Instead of keeping on guessing...... you mentioned something about going to best buy or something. Take your computer over and let somebody that knows what they are doing show you what you need and need to do. You're too lost and unfamiliar with what some of us are trying to explain to you.
  9. Hi all,
    I am having a couple of problems with my 5770, ok so this is my first build also, with no prior rig building knowledge. Yet apparently more then some? Any how, everything is in and running, but I am getting the annoying flicker every now and then in games (and only in games)? I am reading everywhere that this is a common problem but can't seem to find a fix or workaround, any advice guys?
    Secondly, the video bios, it is an xfx 5770, do i/should i update its bios would this help anything? if so what is the process?
    The last question then is about oc'ing it but I will head over to the overclock forum for that one...
    Cheers in advance
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