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Hey guys

i cant seem to get my logitech quickcam to work on msn, whenever i start a video call to someone it replys saying 'To make a Video Call, you need to use a webcam. Plug in your webcam now.' although it is plugged in. Can anyone help me?
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  1. Are the drivers installed? A good test to see if your camera works at all is to just run it in Skype or something like that. You could even do it with any flash ad. Just right click on the flash deal, click on settings, then click on the webcam. It should list your webcam. To test it, just click the picture of it and it will activate it.

    If all of those work, it Should work in MSN. The next thing is when you say you want it to work in MSN, are you using M$'s actual Windows Live Messenger or are you using something like Trillian?
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