Weird Overclocking Problem

I am currently overclocking my i7 3770k. It is on an intel DZ77BH-55k motherboard. I am having a weird problem. I went into my bios and changed the multiplier, voltage, and turned turbo ratio off, but when I go into windows, CPU-Z doesn't show any sign of overclocking at all. When I go back into my bios, the overclocking settings are still applied. Please help, this is super annoying.

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  1. If you havn't disable power saving features, that's normal... Just put a cpu load and the OC will show
  2. Some boards only overclock the boosted state. Like spawnkilller said, load the cores and it should ramp up to your OC.

    Curious as to what your clocks are set to. I made it to 4.5 easily under water, but that is as far as I care to venture.
  3. My clocks are hovering around 4-4.2 GHz thanks for advice.
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