Video Encoding: Quadro FX 580 vs GeForce 9600 GT

Hey, I create and edit videos as a living, I currently have a GeForce 9600 GT in my computer and have been slightly disappointed with it in the area of video encoding (Not surprising considering its a gaming card), but I need to know how much better a Quadro FX 580 card would be at encoding, and is it worth the buy?
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  1. 3D Rendering it wound make a difference, VIDEO rendering unless your using nvidia software or whatever then no difference at all - its all down to CPU, get yourself an i7

    list your hardware specs
  2. My PC's specs are: HP pavilion, Core 2 Quad 2.4 ghz per core, 4 GB Ram, and the GeForce 9600 GT. It preforms wonderfully for gaming, but not for video editing and encoding. I use Adobe Premiere and the preview window for the video being edited lags constantly and is unusable, encoding takes forever as I mentioned. So what your saying is rather than upgrade the card, I should upgrade my processor?
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