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Hello, my system has been displaying very strange behavior lately. I have Windows XP Home Edition with Svc pk 2. I use IE 7 as my browser. My computer began shuting off about a week ago. It mentioned something abotu a sasser virus or something. I did a system restore to a previous check point, but in a few days the system started shuttig down again without warning or error messages. I tried to go back to system restore and it froze up upon restart. When I rebooted the computer the system restore screen appeared with no words in it, no check point,no confirmation of whether the system was restored or not...just the system restore window with nothin inside it. I restarted in safe mode to attempt a system restore there and the calendar is empty, it's a blank box containing no dates or checkpoints. I need to know how to fix this issue and get system restore back. Also I am guessing this is still associated to the virus problem I had from last week, I don't know the name of the virus, it was something like sasser or savass or something. Any help anyone can offer would be great, Thanks. Ruth
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  1. You may be able to do a repair using an xp disk. If you don't have one, check your local craigslist. You just need a valid coa sticker number to activate. Microsoft has gotten smarter doing the activation process, so it may not allow you to use a dell or other oem windows cd to re-activate your installation of xp unless you have a dell motherboard.
  2. Step 1. Google "how to remove Sasser virus"

    Step 2. Boot windows in safe mode ( google how to do this, cant be assed explaining.)

    Step 3. Kill the virus

    Step 4. Modify your browsing and downloading Habits
    (stop downloading porn/mp3's from bloody limewire)

    Step 5. Turn off system restore, it wastes HDD space and is sh$t anyway.

    If youve trashed a system that badly that it needs a "restore", boot in safe mode retrieve your data then reformat it properley.

    Restore points are a half a$$ed alternative to reformatting that generally cause as many problems as it fixes.

    Good luck!!
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