Bad bios update

Hello,i/ve just flashed my asus eah3450 256ddr graphics card
with a bios {atiwinflash} that came from same page as asus/ati drivers after search done at asus website!
now i get black screen/orange button at startup and can go no further! have i buggered my card??
P.S..i think it might have been meant for a motherboard poss?
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  1. BIOS are device specific. If it did not clearly say it was a file for that EXACT card you are probably screwed. What exactly were you trying to do by flashing an old graphics card BIOS anyway? Trying to change what?
  2. it was 4am,iwas blearyeyed it was on the same asus site page as smartdoctor and gamerosd updates specific to my pci express eah3450 256ddr asusati card.
    and been so tired i wasn't paying attention! Bios flashing is meant to improve things most of the time isn.t it?
  3. Generally you would only do a BIOS update to fix a problem. A video card would only need an update to try to unlock some hardware or to do some extreme overclocking.

    I am really not trying to be hard on you just rack it up as a lesson learned. You screw up any aspect of a BIOS update for just about any device and you have "bricked" the device a term made up especially for bad updates. Not something to play with unless you are sure what you are trying to do.
  4. a bios is for a MB, video cards update firmware

    Never update bios or firmware unless you need a specific thing that you are sure the update will fix. Never update without being sure you have the right update. Never update from within windows. Failure to follow these rules results in "bricks" 90% of the time.
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