Silent PSUs - Seasonic X650 and ?

Is the Seasonic X650/750 the only 80Plus certified power supplies that dont have the fan kick in until a load or temps rise? This is the psu i'm considering for a high-end HTPC.... this is a great feature...any other manufacturer have this? I know Silverstone makes a fanless psu...but i want the security of if things get out of hand...a temp-controlled fans spins up.
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  1. You may want to consider the OCZ StealthXStream series.
    I have a similar OCZ PSU, and it's been rock solid ever since I purchased it. The Stealth series does have a fan, but speaking from experience, the one I saw was absolutely silent under a moderate load. It's over 85 percent efficient, too, although it doesn't have the 80plus certification you were looking for.
  2. The Enermax Modu series and Antec Signature series are also very good
    but as Timop pointed out none of these have the fanless feature of the Seasonic X
    when running on low loads

    The new Corsair X series might have this feature
  3. thanks members...I'm really going for the feature here...this will be a demo unit and i want to "wow" them with litterally no noise. the case is the thermaltake mozart vc7001 i picked up on clearance.
    going with silent case and cpu cooler fans.... thanks for reminding me about Enermax..i had a noisetaker that was suprisingly quiet....and will check out Corsair X also.
    Just wanted to confirm the Seasonic had a relatively exclusive feature. Thanks!
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