Are the pins bent ?

hello this is a lga 775 socket. I removed the cpu to clean the socket and i found that all the pins are bent.

Are the pins really bent or is it normal?
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  1. oh somebody please help me.
  2. That's how it's supposed to look. It's normal.

    Also what's the chance that every single pin would bend the exact same way? :)
  3. And why did you feel you needed to remove the CPU to clean the socket.
  4. i don't know i just wanted to open and clean. Is it necessary to clean the socket like once in 6 months ?
  5. Quote:
    Is it necessary to clean the socket like once in 6 months ?

    Every month. Use these guys.
  6. PLEASE! The next time you take a notion to do something that you know nothing about, PLEASE ask someone on the forums before you do it.

    When in doubt, GOOGLE and READ...
  7. I wanna know whether is it necessary to clean the socket every 6 months or every year? I like to hear your ideas.
  8. please help !
  9. You don't clean the socket. The CPU literally seals the socket during use. You only need to clean the heatsink and fan that you removed to get to the cpu, psu, fans and other components inside your case that appear dusty.

    A general rule of thumb is to clean the inside of your case every 6 months. But you can adjust that time to more or less than 6 months depending on how dusty your house is.

    It helps to change the air duct filter every 3 months in your house to help reduce dust...
  10. Will it damage the socket if i periodically clean it ?
  11. Am I being punked?...
  12. >>>>>> You don't clean the socket <<<<<<

    Read my reply to you above the last Q you unfortunately asked me. This is the first time I looked for a way to quote myself and wished I could've done so.

    Sorry for sounding brash but seriously, read carefully what people type to you. You may find the answer...
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