What to do? I need guidance!!!

Well, here's my situation: I own a Clevo D901C with an Intel E6750 CPU and a single 8800GTX video card. My system has 1 gb of RAM and i just purchased Battlefield Bad Company 2...

Of course, right there you know this is not going to work well but, i was hopeful since I could play Crysis at pretty good settings, which i dont remeber but trust me, I played to whole game without a hitch. But it turns out this one is too demanding. I can barely play at 1024x768 with Medium quality settings.

So now, I'm thinking, since i dont really need my laptop to 'be' a laptop (anybody who knows this laptop knows it's a pain to carry around. ;) )... I decided to return to a desktop.

I first determined I would build around my laptop's CPU; Get a LGA 775 motherboard, 4gb of 1066 DDR2 memory, a Radeon HD 5770 (I also saw a 4890 for just a bit more) and a 700W or so of power.... (for a later addition of another GPU)

But then i started reading about CPU bottlenecks and all the pipelines that might not be efficient enough for my old E6750...

And now i started reading about the LGA1156 and LGA1366 with a new processor, or even an AM3 motherboard with the CPU to match... I love read about all this marvelous technology but this is getting more and more expensive :pt1cable:

What should I do? Will I really regret sticking with my old CPU? Should I go for a new motherboard and CPU? Is it worth getting the LGA1366 to get 2 16x PCIe slots or would two running at 8x be enough? Would AMD provide a better experience? :cry: So many questions...

Now keep in mind that i will be playing on a 24" LCD and I would love to run everything and anything at it's native resollution of 1920x1200.

I also want to keep costs at a minimum. For the E6750 upgrade, I was able to find everything I need for roughly $500 CAD but, i know i'll to go deeper in my pocket if I go the other way. And... I just need a PSU, CPU (and cooler), RAM, and motherboard. Everything else I have.

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  1. You wanting to keep costs to a minimum screams out I3. The E6750 is ok as a processor but the I3 will be much more overclockable and supports DDR3 memory natively.






    Thats about under $500 and with a decent case you'll ge the I3 to 3.5 - 4 GHz. The memory is fairly standard DDR 3, the motherboard is very overclock friendly and the 650W case will be able to crossfire 2 cards so long as they aren't Fermi or 5870's or above.
  2. Thanks Griffolion...

    After reading and reading some more, I've decided to go 'a little' over budget. I went with an Asus Maximus III Formula, Intel Core i5 750, 4gb G.Skill RipJaws F3 DDR3-1600 and a Corsair TX750W...

    I think I should be good for a little while with that! ;)

    Not sure about the video card yet... I'm thinking either a Radeon 5850 or a pair or 5770...

    You know what? As I was writing this, i saw that you had the same MB and CPU.... How's that working out for you?

    Thanks again.
  3. Well, apart from USB 3.0 and SATA 6GB ports, and maybe Quad SLI and CrossFire support (which i'm never go to use... ) there doesn't seem to be much of a difference.

    And... I just hate the blue color scheme...
  4. zedleppelin said:
    Well, apart from USB 3.0 and SATA 6GB ports, and maybe Quad SLI and CrossFire support (which i'm never go to use... ) there doesn't seem to be much of a difference.

    And... I just hate the blue color scheme...

    It's in a case.
  5. Err 8800GTX and that chip shouldn't give u that experience at such low resolution any game @@ Driver/software issue or too little RAM would be more likely me thinks hehe
  6. That Mobo is A looker!

    How can you not love that southbridge! (Or what i presume to be a south bridge)
  7. Couple of things...

    First off... YES, it's in a case... But my case will have a large window (I've pretty much narrowed it down to a Silverstone FT02). And it's just a matter of personal preference. Let me put it this way... I just like the RED one better... ;)

    My wallet is going to kill me (and my wife) because now i'm thinking about a single Radeon 5870.... Arrrg!

    As for my laptop, you were right batuchka, it wasn't normal... especially since i did play Crysis as some good levels... And I solved my problem by removing the underside panel to let my CPU and GPU breath better (never thought it could affect it that much!) and now it's running much better (much higher resolution at medium settings gives me a steady 80FPS with Fraps).

    I'm still going to part with it as upgrading it is such an expensive adventure!

    Any thoughts on the video card? 5770 x2.... 5850 (maybe eventually x2 but i doubt my PSU would handle 2 of these)... or go all out with the 5870?
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    My vote is a single 5850 especially if there are budget constraints. or maybe 5830 x2?
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  10. What Cards Have you Gone For? (Just out Of interest)
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