Hooking my pc up to CRT television

What im looking to do is hook my pc up to an old CRT television so that I get both audio and video output from the television. Is this the cable im looking for?

Thank you.
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    what are you going to be doing with it? is it going to be used as a 2nd monitor or are you planning to be using it as your primary monitor?

    if you are planning on doing anything but watching videos on it, then i'd strongly suggest you reconsider. the resolution of older CRT sets is horrible, and if you go more than 1 minute looking at text on your screen without getting a throbbing headache, i'd be very surprised.
  2. If your video card can do S-video Out than that cable would work. Just plug S-video in and the 3.5mm into headphone jack and the RCA going to the TV. But like pinaplex said, if it is an old CRT TV it probably won't look the best.
  3. Well we're getting our satellite shut off at the end of the month so I was mainly just going to be watching movies/shows on it. Video card has S-video so im good to go, thanks guys.
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  5. Got the cable on Monday and it works really well. Its really heavy and appears to be good quality.
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