Motherboard Problem? (Gaming PC)

Hello everyone.

A while back my Asus P5Q-SE gave out, and since I didn't have money for a same quality mobo at the time, I bought an Asus P5QL/EPU.
I'm not too picky about performance, meaning I don't care if I keep a steady 60fps just as long as there is no noticeable slowdown.
I didn't have any problems until I reinstalled Assassin's Creed II. From what I understand it's not a very good port, but I remember playing it
without a problem with my old setup. I ran some benchmarks and found out that the framerate drops down to 25fps at times.

Since the only component that I've changed is my mobo I'm guessing that's where the problem lies. Do you think it's the motherboard? Is it the different chipset?
Can it have such an impact on gaming? And if so, can you recommend a P45 board?

The rest of system is,

CPU: Q6600 @2.9GHz
RAM: Kingston 2x2GB @960MHz 7-7-7-20
GPU: Gigabyte HD4890 1GB
OS: Windows 7 Ultimate x64

Thanks in advance.
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  1. In short, yes, absolutely, that board has smaller channels so you even though you have graphics card, the route to the CPU is smaller than on the other board.

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  2. That makes sense. Thanks a lot mate.
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