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I feel my simple project has gotten over my head....I have a presario laptop that came with Vista 32 bit preloaded onto it. I also have a desktop that is running win 7 professional 64 bit. I primarly use the laptop and leave the desktop for the kids. A while back my hard drive was starting to have problems (shutting down and restarting while I was using it). I decided I would just upgrade my laptop and it would be like new again since its a few years old. I upgraded the ram to 4GB. Then I ordered Win 7 home premium upgrade OS (came with 32 and 64 bit cd). And I ordered a new HDD/SSD hybrid with a sata usb transfer/clone package. The day my new hd arrives I go to boot my laptop and the hd will not load it has died before I got the chance to do anything. So know what do I do I guess is my question? I was also wondering if I could just clone my HDD from the desktop running win 7 64 and then install the new HDD into the laptop? I'm not sure if this would even work and I need some advise badly.

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  1. The hardware is too different between the laptop and the desktop. You'll need to freshly install the OS to teh new HDD. Cloning will result in BSODs, and instability (too many drivers differences.)

    You can attempt to place the laptop HDD in the desktop to try to harvest data (pictures, music, etc) that way.
  2. Thanks for the reply. I just don't know how to do a fresh install when my laptop didn't come with the actual cd. I have the product keys and the recovery is on the partion of the broken hd.
  3. Probably the best thing you can do is a fresh install. This way you don't have the HP bloatware! :)
    Do a fresh install (boot off the Win7 CD - I'd suggest the 64bit version)
    Patch and update 7 completely.
    Then look in device manager for the devices it couldn't find drivers for from MSFT.
    Use HPs site, with a little time you'll be able to drill to your exact system, and they host all the drivers there. Only install drivers, you shouldn't need any "utilities".

    Note: You may need to download a network driver to get internet connectivity initially. Use your desktop and a USB drive for that...

    Let us know if you need help beyond that.
  4. The problem is installing windows 7 when he has an UPGRADE license. I think you should call microsoft and ask for help. Tell them you bought the upgrade license for this computer and the HDD broke. They (or the notebook's manufacturer) should either provide you with a Vista disk for your OEM install, or a full Windows 7 OS. Worst case scenario you should ask for a refund of your upgrade license so you can purchase a full Windows 7 license.
  5. The CD is for upgrade from vista to win 7 can I boot from that if its a blank HDD? But I also have system restore cd 64 bit for my desktop but again I believe that will only work when theres already an os present. I hard wired the router cord to the laptop so hopefully I have internet access on there. Thanks for the help!
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    It is possible to do a clean install with an upgrade disk. option 4 - double install always works for me. This is legal since you do have a valid copy of vista.
  7. So I would install the new hard drive then follow step 4?
  8. If you meant option 4 - double install and not step 4 since each option has several steps, then yes.
  9. Yes sorry I meant option 4 I will try this and let you know thanks.
  10. Thanks so much the clean install option worked and my system is up and running.
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