Will BFG 9800gtx dual slot fit in M2N-MX SE?

Hi, I believe BFG 9800gtx takes up two slots. Will this fit on my motherboard? Its Asus M2N-MX SE.
Are there only special motherboads that fit dual slots? Or do you have to have a special computer case?
Are geforce compatible with AMD?

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  1. I had one of those boards it was a pos, you will get the card in but getting it out will be the trick. Either than that it should work. By the way before you get the card what is your current psu?
  2. 1.why wouldn't it? it has a PCIE slot that's all you need.

    2.no, there are no special "dual slot" mobos

    3. yes, you can use any video card with any cpu as long as the motherboard has the required slot
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