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Whenever my computer boots it goes to a black screen with a bunch of stuff and I have seen no drivers detected on the screen, I think it flashes or something. My computer works fine but I just want to know what driver.
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  1. Try resetting the bios to default settings first. With the system off and the power supply unplugged, move the cmos jumper over one position keeping two of the three pins covered, then move back after one minute. Or gently press on the flat portion of the motherboard with a thin flathead screwdriver until the battery pops up for easier removal. Reinstall flat side up after one minute. Then, at the first post screen, it will tell you which key to press to enter the bios. Change the boot order to cd (dvd)>hardrive (or ide 0). save and exit. If hardrive still isn't detected, check the cables from the power supply to the drive, and from the drive to the motherboard. One may be loose.
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