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Hey I will be picking up this pc on the weekend. So I would like some peoples oppinions on my final build.

NZXT M59 Midi-Tower Case - NO PSU NZXT $91 Umart
Cooler Master Hyper 212 Plus Universal Cooler $27 Msy
AMD Phenom II 550 DualCore 3.1GHz 7MB CACHE 80W 100.50 Umart
LiteON IHAS124 SATA DVD-RW 22X Black OEM $28 Umart
1GB 5770 MSI $172 Umart
Seagate SATA 500GB $55 Msy
G-B MA785GT-UD3H $103 Msy
OCZ 4GKit(2x2G) DDR3 800 PC3 6400MHz Gold Series $80 Umart


I am aware that there other stores butt these are the only stores I have access to. Also my psu I have already is enough to power a 5970 so there is no need to worry there.

I game on a 17 inch and secondly I use XP.

Any help would be great. The pc is for heavy gaming and HD movies. Thirdly I will overclock the card and cpu hence the brands and aftermarket cooler for the 550be.

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  1. Is your RAM really DDR3? I have not seen DDR3 800 RAM before. The lowest I've seen is DDR3 1066. I would double check that and the rest of your build is acceptable.

    What is your current PSU's make, model and wattage? A quality brand like Corsair, SeaSonic & Antec is vital for a solid build.
  2. Yes its DDR3 suprisingly. I will change it to a 1600mhz Geil when I have some decent money again. The psu is slighter better then a Thermaltake Evo blue Gaming 650. I has a higher volt and a rating.
  3. DDR3 800MHz? Can you give me the link to that?
  4. Thanks for the link. I didn't know about that before. It does exist :

    But I think finger off from DDR3 800, there are plenty types of faster DDR3 available.
  5. So the build is fine no other ideas. I will pick it up in about 2 or 3 days. Also thankyou for the people who did you reason.
  6. I would recommend buying 555BE as they have good chance to be unlocked to 4 cores, it's a bit more than 550 but i think you might be surprised when you would get performance of 955 for that low price!
  7. Are all the 555 be's.
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