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I'm putting in a new MOBO, processor, and a few other odds and ends. I'm also planning on putting in an SSD for the OS. The old HDD has some data on it I'd like to keep while the rest I plan on sending to oblivion. There's nothing pertaining to file structure I intend to keep, just data files (word, excel, game saves, and other misc files). I intend to disconnect the hdd during the install of course.

My question is, can I reconnect the old HDD after booting from the SSD into windows and copy the files? Will windows see it as an extra drive even though Windows is installed on it?

Thank you for your time.
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    The quick and easy way of doing this is using a usb/sata adapter, they are under $10. You could do what you said though and most likely it would work fine assuming the drive didn't end up higher in the boot order then the ssd.
  2. Sounds exactly like what I need. I'm leery of plugging the hdd back in just for the reason you mentioned. Thank you very much!
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