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I have a p7p55d-e lx motherboard and am going to be using a i5 760 processor. I dont plan to overclock but i am looking at 1600 mhz ram. I have narrowed it down to 2 and the price difference is what is slowing me down. I cannot decide between getting:

patriot viper II sector 5:


g.skill ram

there is a little more than a 20 dollar price difference due to mir. I hope someone can help make the decision. I am leaning towards the viper II sector 5 cause it will be easier to upgrade to 8gigs in near future
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  1. Newegg also has some kingston 1600 ddr3 for only $40 after rebate, posted on slickdeals.
  2. I see that but I was looking at cas latency and I can cave for 8 cas lat but 9 might be too much. Idk how much cas lat affects stuff though. I'm mostly gonna play wow and fps and probably mmorpgs. Bit no video editing and stuff
  3. You won't notice the difference between cas 8 or cas 9. I use 9-9-9-24 with my gskill, and it overclocks very stable. I would go for the kingston and save some money. Keep copies of all rebate stuff before mailing. I had problems with biostar, and had to show my copies to frys. They took care of it.
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