Price drop after fermi?

I was wondering if there will be a price drop on gfx cards after the release of fermi. If there will be a drop in prices how far after fermi will that take place?

Also how much of a price drop do you think can happen?
heres the card im looking at for my future build in about 2 months, we can you its price as an example.

its 320$ now, can i expect to see it at 250$?
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  1. HD5830, 5850, 5870, and 5970 are the only cards that have a remote chance of dropping, and that is small.
  2. No, there will not be a price drop. Fermi's pricing is most likely going to be laughably non-competitive -- we're talking $200 more for the same card.

    The prices of ATI cards will come down at exactly the same time when they were going to come down on their own.
  3. yep, unless the GTX 470 is priced at 350.00$ and the GTX 480 at 500.00$ you will not see any price cuts on the 5 series.
  4. Well, we don't know how Fermi will perform nor do we have concrete quotes for pricing so I would expect either a ~$50 price cut or none at all, I can't see Fermi really being a budget champion, but we simply do not know.
  5. And since there will be a major shortage at launch, that will give AMD another reason to keep prices where they are ATM. I think AMD prices are where they should be, for the performance you get you really cannot complain.
  6. Save the HD5570 (needs to drop to compete with the HD4670; HD4670 drops to put HD4650 out of business), HD5670 (Drops to $~80 to put 9600GT out of business), HD5750 (puts HD4850/GTS250 out of business), and the HD5830 (puts HD4890 out of business).
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