Nas to switch to lap top wifi to router


is it possible to connect NAS and laptop to a switch, then using the laptop's wifi connection both to a router?

i'd like to keep all on the same 192.168.0.x range...

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  1. This is possible, but a really bad complicated mess of an idea.
  2. You want a Router, with both Wireless and Wired.

    Connect the NAS to the router, and connect the laptop via wireless to the router. Everyone with wireless connection can access your NAS.

    Switches and routers are different.
  3. hmm thanks, needed to stay away from the easier fix; the NAS and laptop are in a locked room and wired is not an option due to physical issues... how complicated of an idea is the first solution?
  4. It would be better to drop $20 on a refurb router to attach the NAS to.
  5. kk, thanks and configure as access point!
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