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I would appreciate some advice about which version of Windows 8 to purchase. I plan to install it on my current PC, then again when I purchase a new hard drive and components for a new build as well. I would prefer a physical disk as opposed to a digital download. I'm finding different options, some labeled as an upgrade version, is that something I could use on a new build? Also any recommendations about home vs pro? Many thanks!
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    Do you plan on using a touch screen interface or buying a Surface tablet, or Windows phone?

    The only reason I see to upgrade a computer with a non touch interface is to standardize your OS across platforms.

    Yes, some games do have a slightly better performance in Win8, but nothing spectacular. But if you really want the OS I won’t try to talk you out of it (more than I have already).

    Back to your question… Upgrade versions are designed to be a smaller package that can rebuild a previous install into a full up version. But what if there is a problem, or you are using XP, which isn’t supported? All Windows disks have the ability to do a clean install. What that means is that, in a worst case scenario, you can pop your upgrade disk into your optical drive and reinstall a complete copy of Windows 8 while reformatting and repartitioning your disk.

    It may not include SP1 or whatever the full driver package is, but the first thing it will do after activation is… wait for it… download and install all your updates, which includes those things.

    Pro has some features that home doesn’t. Read over them. If you want Pro, it might be cheaper to buy a family pack or upgrade version of Home, then get a digital upgrade to Pro.
  2. Thanks! I'm currently using Windows XP 32-bit, which is a serious impiedment to my pc's peformance. I do not plan on using any touch screen interface, just the traditional keyboard and mouse. Would you recommend windows 7 over windows 8 for gaming, web brousing, and learning programming?
  3. Go with windows 8 and get start8 here:

    windows 8 is better overall, but you should really use start8 for a desktop or laptop.
  4. It depends. Win 8 is the future. Unlike some I am not going to tell you what to do. I will tell you that going straight to 8’s interface from XP will be a considerable learning curve. I use 7 on all four of my house machines and at work.

    At least with 7 you’re not going to be at a loss for how to accomplish tasks. Seven and Vista pretty much do everything identically and XP isn’t a hard logical leap.

    Like I said, some data from Tom’s testing says that eight run some games better and at higher frame rates. Are you going to notice that? I doubt it. If you were that kind of user you’d be giving the answers here.

    8 is like running a home computer the way you run your cell phone. If it appeals to you, jump.
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