LQ310? Seidon 120M? Or just air?

I am new to water cooling. I can have either Seidon 120M or new Zalman LQ-310 or CNPS10X extreme at similar prices. It is important that fans are quiet (or can be made quiet by replacement) and have good cooling for overclocking 4.5+ for 3570k.

I have overclocked for a while and I'd like to think I know what I'm doing, but on stock Ivy is outrageously hot (much more than I expected), it can reach 95C core at full if it's pushed really hard. I had to back down a bit to 4.2GHz. I would like to chop off 20~30 degrees there, for sure...

Suggestions? Thanks.

Edit: I should also mention that H40 is rt at similar price, H60 a bit more.
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  1. Those are closed loop coolers, not exactly 'watercooling' by the same terms. Most closed loop coolers will perform about as well as good air coolers...some actually perform worse than good air cooling.
  2. Ha, I see. I am very new to anything other than air... should this post be moved somewhere?

    Then what is the point of having closed loop coolers? I actually don't know an advantage they have over air cooling, and I thought I should try it out in this build.
  3. If you want the tagline watercooling added to your pc config, then may I interest you in moving onto an entry level watercooling kit?

    Other than that, the closed loop cooler aren't the way to go if you're trying to cool a hot headed ship. BTW FYI now that you know the chip runs very hot, the make of your chip may mean:
    1| you can't go any higher
    2| you have horrible case airflow
    3| you don't know what you're doing with the voltages
    4| if its 2 then you need to rethink your strategy of getting a CLC for keeping things in check.

    i.e: Its a more fundamental problem causing your issue.
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