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Hello. Today I inserted a CD-ROM that contains a large amount of files in to my laptop (Windows 7) so I could make a copy of it. I was asked if I wanted to use the CD like flash memory. I was in a rush and (stupidly) said yes. A window popped up saying it was preparing to format. I panicked and hit "X" to no avail and then ejected the Disc. Now when I put the Disc in any CD drive it acts like there is no Disc present and I cannot access anything. Do I have any options here to get the Disc back to normal or at the very least pull the data on the Disc off? Or is all lost (praying that is not the case). Any help would be fantastic. Thanks.

*EDIT* I should also add that when I put the Disc in to a Cd drive, even with Auto Play totally turned off, the drive spins like it is trying to read it but cannot. I have tried two different "data recovery" tools to no avail. The same thing happens every time. It tries to scan for a Disc and cannot find one.
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  1. Quick update. Just ran a piece of freeware called "CDCheck" and got these errors.

    error;win32;The parameter is incorrect. (code: 87);E:\
    critical;process;File/directory in setup window not found! (code: 2);E:\
    critical;process;Process aborted! (code: 3);

    Don't know if that will help. But there it is.
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