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ASUS P5K64 WS Continual Restart

Hi all,

I recently opened up my computer of I believe now 3 years for dust cleaning, replacement of a failing harddrive, and replacement of heat paste. Unfortunately, now that I connect everything back up, it sticks in an infinite loop of restarts after 2-ish seconds, never booting or going to BIOS.

What I've tried already:
- Reseating RAM and video card
- Ensured heatsink was secured
- Attempted start with only RAM, video card, and CPU

Now, I also managed to be a gigantic idiot and bend one of the pins in my CPU socket. Below are pictures. What makes me think this is the problem is that when I remove my CPU, the fans all start and spin normally (but with no boot obviously).

I suppose my question is: Is it plausible I can fix this (or should I go ahead and start looking at new mobos) and is my stupidity the cause of this problem?

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    As long as you didn't break the pin off of the CPU you are fine, just VERY carefully reposition the pin, it will be very tedious but there is a little wiggle room. My guess is that is what was causing your comp to restart over and over. Reseat the CPU and reapply paste and heatsink, just make sure the pins all go in.

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