Got a new ASUS EAH5870 and Dell 3008 but there is one problem

Someone hold my hand on getting it to switch over to Display port. I Unplug the DVI-D and have the Display port plugged in with the cable but the monitor does not recognize the Display port as plugged in. Also with only one DVI-D cable plugged in I am getting 2560x1600 resolution in Win 7 and in CODMW2. Did not think that was possible with only one DVI-D. BTW it look amazing and a lot better than the 2407 I just replaced.
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  1. TTT........
  2. Got it fixed. The monitor was being a little hard to deal with. All is good though and the detail in CODMW2 is amazing at 4AA 2560x1600. I can see people a lot farther away now.
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