Screwed with a ASUS board?

Heya guys. I just got a rig from Cyberpowerpc and am moderately happy with it. I didnt know at the time, but I think I may be screwed with the setup I got.

My mobo is the ASUS P6t SE X58 setup. According to some information I can find I cant run SLI but can run Crossfire.

I have two EVGA 250 GTS 1GB cards (there are two is higher clocked/better then the other, and I have one of each).

My question is...since I cannot run any form of SLI can I at least stick the lesser clocked 1gb 250GTS in as a PhysX card?

I run Windows7, Core-i7 920. Just trying to get some use out of the second card, wish I could SLI the damn thing :(
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  1. Well you're right about it not running SLI. I'm not sure about the PhysX bit but I think it'd be a waste of a decently good card anyway.

    Maybe you should try to see if you could sell/trade the board away? Then you could go get a board that does support SLI.
  2. Read the mobo spec before you buy it!
    Some mobos can only do SLI some other can only do x-fire while others can do both!
  3. SLI can be enabled on this board by way of flashing to the P6T bios, the non SE bios that is. Its called a crossflash. Obviously risks are involved and you would have to make google a friend to find info about how to do it.
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