Intel x4500hd gaming

plz anybody tell me ,,
i have intel g45id board and graphic chipset is x4500hd,,
but this graphic chipset does not play some games,,,
when i play games ,, then pc get shut down and blue screen apears.
i heard that x4500hd chipset is powerful.
how can i get benefits from my x4500hd chipset.?\
plz anybody tell me,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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  1. You don't have a graphics card. That Intel thing is an integrated graphics chip and is extremely weak for everything but watching videos.,2521-8.html

    The X4500 integrated graphics is equal to an Nvidia FX5200, which came out about 8 years ago.

    Just about any dedicated graphics card you can buy today will be significantly better than what you have now.
  2. anyone who stated the "X4500HD is powerful" is lying to your face
  3. ok i can understand ,,
    but is there any way that i can play gta 4 and mirror's edge like those games on my x4500hd....
  4. See if you can find a command line for those games.

    If you can run the command, '-dxlevel 70'.
  5. you could run your system through the game-o-meter to see where you stand on each game
  6. You could if you can handle the low fps
  7. ok i went on site according to you...
    but according to site...
    my system performance not enough for gta 4 game..
    but if we read about x4500hd card ,
    plz you read this configuration.
    i have sending you a link..

    on graphic memory it show only 770 mb .
    but on wikipedia it shows 1700 mb..
    now what i should do to increase the graphic memory..
    is there any setting in bios of intel dg45id about x4500hd.
    if anybody know plz tell me.........
  8. It means that it can go up to 1700mb for graphics memory. Increasing it will not help your performance at all.
  9. The X4500HD is intergrated. It is rubbish. Consider spending £25 on a HD4350 for about 10x better graphics performance.
  10. Don't go for a small step-up; get an HD4650 AT.LEAST.
  11. the X4500 is crap, even with 3GB of video memory you would not be able to run GTA IV because that chip is far too weak to take advantage of it. The issue is not the video ram but the fact the chip is just too weak to game with.
  12. plz help me,,,
    i have LCD resolution 1600x900.
    but my cold fear game does not run on it.
    when i start the game then sound come but vedio does not come,
    a message appear ," [ input not available]"
    is anybody know how to change the resolution of cold fear game..
    i try so much but nothing happeed.
    plz help me.
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