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I'm ready to move all my parts to a bigger case with better air flow and more room. I currently have a Micro-ATX case with ample power supply, ram, and processor but I don't have the room or air flow for the newer higher end GPU's. My question is can I move a Micro-ATX mobo to a larger case or do I need to buy a new Mobo?
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    Most larger cases support both ATX and microATX boards, you can move your whole system over without a problem to get yourself more space and cooling.
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  4. When you do (you may already know this!), make sure that you place standoffs in the new case exactly where the mobo has mounting holes, and nowhere else. As hunter indicated, it is HIGHLY likely the new case will have places to do this already.Probably also you will need to take the custom back panel that came with your mobo and is mounted in the hole on the back of your old case, and move it to the new case.
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