Missing capacitor?

I'm having issues getting my board to post, so I finally ordered a new one today. Apparently my make and model has a lot of issues, but with what I'm going to post, that is irrelevant.

I decided to strip it all down and give it a gooooooood lookover, and noticed that there might be a missing capacitor on the back side of the mobo near the CPU. Now its hard to say wether or not something actually goes there, but every minute im convinced it broke off. It seems dumb that one tiny little thing like this will kill the board, but I suppose thats fair.

What do you think?

If you look at C15D1 you'll notice theres a capacitor there, and C15C1 has nothing.
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  1. Have you been rough with the MOBO? Why would you suspect that it was broken off? They are shipped with foam and protection, to break off that kind of piece would take some force. Do you see any pieces in your case? If not I would suspect that you are fine, from the looks of the picture they look the same, the second one is just a bit more sloppy. Neither picture has the two globs making contact you should be fine.

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