New 955be 95 watt

Does anyone know when the new 95 watt amd 955be is coming out and is it worth it.

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  1. is it worth the wait
  2. if you care about CPU temps, it's worth the wait.Otherwise, no
  3. Quote:
    IMO it's not worth the wait.

    Just a simple question, how are you running two GTX 470s on a board that doesn't support SLI??????????!!!!!!!!!!
  4. there is no insurance that undervolting will yield same results (I tried undervolting my 955BE C2 and succeeded).I wouldn't recommend buying a CPU and hoping it could be undervolted.Just like overclocking, each CPU is different
  5. @Timop
    GTX 260 is in the same league as the 4870 & the 4870 is a bit faster than the5770 (probably due to the 128-bit memory inteface)so, its only natural that the GTX 260 is better than the 5770.
  6. there look closely there were 2 versions of the gtx 260
  7. looks like I misunderstood your phrase but now that I reread it,I understood it correctly.You're making fun of the 260 not the 5770 right??

    Sorry for the misunderstanding
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